The Bookshelf..Below are all current documentation issues, in two categories: viewable only (on-line versions), and downloadable PDF versions. As work on these documents is still progressing, some editions may be slightly out-of-date. Revisions will be made available as soon as time allows.

Most PDF handsbooks have been packed into ZIP's, for faster downloads.

Handbooks (manuals) are available either as a download or on-screen (opens new window). All handbooks are in PDF format. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.


Download ZIPView PDFThe DIC Handbook; up-to-date for Version 1.6.5

Last revsion: June 2009

Download ZIPView PDFThe MD Editor Handbook; up-to-date forVersion 2.01

Last revision: June 2009

Download ZIPView PDFThe SC4 Organizer Handbook; up-to-date for Version 2.0

Last Revision: February 2009 (currently being revised)

These tutorials do have their own pages on this site, so all we provide here are the download versions.


Download ZIPView PDFHow to create mosaics; a tutorial on to to create large-scale mosaics for Flash animations.

No revisions; soon to be available on the Simtropolis Omnibus.

Download ZIPView PDFSimCity 4 vs. Vista; a how-to-guid to avoid the notrious CTD's under the Microsoft Vista operating system.

Currently under revision for Windows 7; also available on the Simtropolis Omnibus.

The read-me files are usually included with the installations. But in case you missed them, or they were misplaced, here they are again:

Read-Me's Region Viewer: read-me file
Region Viewer: frequently asked questions
SC4 Test Tool: read-me file
SC4 Watcher: read-me file
Other stuff
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