DIC 2.0 Release..In terms of sheer downloads, both from the Simtropolis STEX and this site, the DIC (Download & Installation Catalogue), now outperforms the original SC4 Tools utility, the SC4 Organizer.

Also big on the SimCity 4 game horizon is the appearance of Windows 7 64bit. Under Vista 64bit it turned out nigh impossible to determine what the problem areas were. That issue is now behind us, and DIC 2.0 is fully 32bit and 64bit compliant.

Recognizing these trends, we decided to turn the DIC into our primary application. This means that all of the SC4 Organizer's primary functions have been incorporated into the DIC. To do this without bloating the tool, we have re-coded every single one of these options, some, like the Plugins Manager,  from scratch.

DIC 2.1.X is available from our download page.

Below is an overview of what has changed and what is new - see also DIC 2.1 Update.

Developer's Menu

Developer MenuThis is one area which is likely to expand with future releases. Currently you can access the Developer Settings (see below); run the Clean-up Plugins process; Clean-up Defaults sets the default extensions for the clean-up; and launch the new Plugins Manager or the new Plugins Analysis feature.

Developer Settings

Developer SettingsSince the Plugins Manager is all about moving installed downloads in and out of the game, be for testing or repairs, the settings let you specify how the PM handles certain folders and files.

Here you can make sure that certain key folders or files are never moved; where you want to store the moved folders & files; and where the external record of exclusions is kept.

Read-Me Library This is one feature we've ported nearly verbatim from the SC4 Organizer, tweaking only its size and overall looks.
Download Manager Apart from a few minor fixes, we have only twiddled with the look of the DM, and added a more convenient sort order to the downloads table.
Combine or Split Plugins Folders

Swapping MenuAnother new feature, found on the Swapping Menu, is the ability to either split folders deemed too large for optimal folder compression.

Conversely, the DIC also provides the option to combine two or more small folders into a single, larger folder.

Together these two features help create a "best practice" organization of plugins folders, thus reducing game load times.

Plugins Analysis  
New Plugins Manager

Complete reworked from scratch, the new PM provides you with an easy way to move folders & files in and out of the game's user plugins folder. Details of these movements are either saved to an external file or the registry (recommended).

For more details, turn to the Plugins Manager page.

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