Clean-up Plugins Another feature taken nigh literally from the SC4 Organizer. We've added a few visual tweaks and optimized he code for this utility.
View Settings Again, this is a leaf out of the Organizer's book: it lets you view all of your current settings, including some system info. If the need arises, these settings can be exported and attached to a bug report.
Plugins Analysis

Plugins AnalysisA more in-depth look at what the SimCity 4 plugins folder contains and how it is organized.

This is followed up first with brief descriptions of what has been found and, where necessary, recommendations on how to improve matters.

Both the Combine Folders and Split Folder functions are directly available from the Analysis Results Panel.

Additionally, we have included the Full PC Scanner from the SC4 Test Tool (Vista & Windows 7 only), to let users check their machine performance vis-à-vis SimCity 4 game performance.

Check for Updates

Check for UpdatesWe also included a new Help Menu item that enables for semi-automatic updating of the DIC. Unlike Microsoft, we leave it up to you to download & install such upgrades directly from within the DIC.

These downloads will contain the main EXE and its latest DLL dependencies in a self-extracting archive. It is not an installation thus neither the database nor the settings are affected.

Logbooks Previously, the DIC generated a new logbook every month; that resulted in too much clutter and is thus a thing of the past. There are only two logbooks: the main log for the DIC, and a separate log for all Developer operations.
Swapping Although the swapping and repacking options have not changed, they now contain additional warnings if you attempt to swap after using either the Plugins Manager or the Combine/Split Folder options.
Initial Set-up & User Preferences

This has been reworked to fix several changes Windows has made for 64bit OS versions, while maintaining full 32bit compatibility.

Additionally we have removed the block from the primary settings that were previously tied to the SC4 Organizer. While the DIC still cooperates fully with the SC4O, it is now considered the primary SC4 Tool.

The core of this upgrade is the Plugins Manager described in more detail on the next page. Since its use can alter the game content considerably, it should be fully understood before it is used for the first time.


Since we are always working on new features, we welcome suggestions and bug reports: now is the time for everyone to come forward and provide us with ideas.

You can either e-mail us directly via the link at the bottom of the page, or visit the Simtropolis SC4 Tools Forum to post your ideas there. Lastly there is always our Comment Page. Either way, we will consider everything.

The WorkinMan Productions Team
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