Plugins Manager Anatomy
The Plugins Manager's Toolbar; see below for a more detailed tour.
Included Folders/Files: shows everything currently in the plugins folder - minus any folders or files declared as static and unmovable.
Excluded Folders/Files: Will display both already excluded stuff (if loaded) or any pending exclusions.
Status Section: Displays where exclusions are stored; which folders/files are considered static; and the location of the exclusion data file.
Legends: Displays the legend for either table, as well as two "Jump" buttons that will scroll the table to either the folder or the file group.
Plugins Folder Tree: displays the complete plugins folder structure.
Current Exclusions: a list of everything currently excluded; invisible if no exclusions have been made.

The Plugins Manager Toolbar

Plugins manager Toolbar
1 Refresh: reloads the Plugins Manager completely.
2 Undo: clears unsaved and/or loaded exclusions from the Exclude Folders/Files table.
3 Load Exclusions: loads all current exclusions into the Exclude Folders/Files table and activates the Include and Reset buttons.
4 Trash: removes saved exclusions from both the Exclude Folders/Files table as well as the registry.
5 Save: saves all new exclusions to the registry. If the PM is closed after saving, these exclusions will be listed again when it is reopened. No folders/files are moved at this stage.
6 Exclude: Executes all saved exclusions found in the Exclude Folders/Files table; this process moves files and folders to the designated target folder. Depending on the size of the files & folders this can take a moment (approx. 600mb per minute).
7 Include: Unlike the Exclude button, this button acts only on folders/files selected in the Exclude Folders/Files table, and only on loaded, previous exclusions. The process restores these files/folders to their original location.
8 Reset: This button moves all accumulated exclusion and thus restores the plugins folder to its original state.
9 Snapshot: currently not active; reserved for an ongoing development project.
10 View Exclusions: displays a detailed table view of the current exclusions.
11 Logbook: brings up a separate window showing the developer's logbook.
12 Hide/Show Tree: reduces or expands the PM's display by hiding or showing the Plugins Folder Tree.
13 Settings: accesses the Developer Settings.

Caution: using the PM actively removes content from the game folder! If you are loading regions or cities that depend on now excluded files or folders you will get brown boxes and may even experience CTDs. The idea of the PM is to use it for testing purposes, or for new region developments with specific content only.

We are preparing a online dedicated help system which will include a special section on how to use the PM to optimum effect. This will take a little while to finish.


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