General Fixes

Apart from the usual cosmetic fixes and the update of the quotes, this update includes one major fix concerning the restoration process in the event of a DAT-Packer failure.

If you end the packing operation before it has completed, or a file accessed by the Pre-pack Check is in use or locked (or missing), the DIC will announce an error. Clicking the Cancel button will then restore all folders to the last known state, i.e. unpacked.

Note: It has been our experience that having the Windows Explorer open and pointing at a file or folder within the user's plugins folder can have detrimental effects on the Reset & Repack operation. Best practice would dictate to close the Windows Explorer prior to repacking.

New in this version

Download Categories:
Category MaintenanceAs requested by several users, we included the ability to categorize all downloads. Accordingly, this adds a sortable column to the Download Manager's listing. The way it works is relatively simple: each category you create becomes a first level subfolder within the default download folder.

IMPORTANT: Only the first level within the default download folder is used - any deeper levels are ignored and downloads therein will be reported as MIAs!

Additionally, we added a new filter for categories to the Filter Bar: entering the start (or all) of a category's label into the Custom Filter text box and clicking the CAT button will list only downloads belonging to that category. If none of the available downloads are thus labelled, the Download Manager defaults to the full, unfiltered listing.

Category Maintenance is available from both the Developer menu on the main Catalogue panel, as well as from the Process menu on the Download Manager. It allows you to add, edit, or remove categories. However, only categories which do not contain files can be removed.

When the update is first run, a set of default categories is introduced, based on the in-game menu labels. No folders are created at this time.

The easiest way to categorize a download is, of course, during the actual downloading: point your browser to the respective subfolder rather than the default location, and the category is automatically added.

For a more detailed introduction to downloads, please see How to categorize..


Before you apply this download you should back-up your current database, as well as the current DL Catalogue.exe - just in case!

The update, on its first run, will upgrade your current database to accomodate categories. No changes are made to your download or plugins folders.

Since we are always working on new features, we welcome suggestions and bug reports: now is the time for everyone to come forward and provide us with ideas.

You can either e-mail us directly via the link at the bottom of the page, or visit the Simtropolis SC4 Tools Forum to post your ideas there. Lastly there is always our Comment Page. Either way, we will consider everything.

The WorkinMan Productions Team

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