Anatomy of Categories

Anatomy of Categories

Maintain Categories menu option:
This opens the maintenance panel shown below. You can either create new categories; select a category from the list and edit it; or remove empty categories (0 files).

The editor portion of the panel is only visible when you use one of the buttons. If a category is locked, meaning it contains files in its folder, you will need to either uncategorize its files, or assign them to a different category before you can delete the category label (and its corresponding folder).

Category Filter:
Entering the starting letters of a category label into the custom filter text box and clicking the CAT button (3), the download listing will be limited to entries falling into that category. If the category does not contain any files, the display returns to the default, unfiltered list.

Note: The custom filter box also accepts the Enter key instead of a button click, however, the filter results are different: instead of listing categories it would return a list of all downloads the name of which contains whatever you typed.

The Category Filter button.
Category Column:
Downloads can be sorted by category, as they can be sorted by any other column (except Type). To return to the default view (sorted by download date), select Reload from the Download Manager's File menu.

Check CategoriesThe File menu also contains an option called Check Categories. This will scan the entire default download folder and update the database if any files have been moved from without the DIC.

Your best option for categorizing is to simply save downloads into the category folder appropriate to it when you perform the actual download. Firefox can be set to ask you each time where you want to save a download.

Since we are always working on new features, we welcome suggestions and bug reports: now is the time for everyone to come forward and provide us with ideas.

You can either e-mail us directly via the link at the bottom of the page, or visit the Simtropolis SC4 Tools Forum to post your ideas there. Lastly there is always our Comment Page. Either way, we will consider everything.

The WorkinMan Productions Team

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