DIC 2.1 is here..The Download & Installation Catalogue (DIC) was created to help users to bring order into the SimCity 4 custom content downloads. Re-written from scratch as a stand-alone utility, the DIC not only handles the installation procedures, such as batch-installing multiple downloads, but also the total organization of your downloaded plugins:

  • Import downloads from different folders or drives;
  • Find out if a downloaded custom content has been installed;
  • Track installation history;
  • Automatically organize read-me files and images into a searchable
    Read-Me Library;
  • Keep the Plugins Folders clean by automattically setting
    non-essential files aside & away from the Plugins folder;
  • Preview read-me documentation & images;
  • Specialized browser to search & download missing content;
  • Easily swap packed and unpacked folders in and out of the game;
  • Built-in Dependency Search functions;
  • Find and manage duplicate plug-in;
  • Find and update existing installations of plugins;
  • The DIC, of course, works in sync with the other SC4 tools.
  • New: combine or split folders for optimized DAT-packing
  • New: Developer Options
  • New: Plugins Manager for exclusions/inclusions
  • New: Read-me Library
  • New: Plugins Folder Overview
  • New: Download Categories
  • New: Download Sorting & Filtering
  • Current DIC Version: 2.1; last updated on March 29, 2011
Please note that the DIC is now the only installation tool in our utility suite and does receive periodic upgrades. Please check our Update Pages for the lates news.
DIC ImagesIf you already have SC4 Organizer installed, the DIC will not require any setup other than the standard installation procedure. Both tools do work in conjunction, if both are present and in use. If this is your first SC4 Tool, then the DIC will set up the minimum required folders and prompt the user to confirm the setup. We strongly recommend accepting the prompted defaults.
Coming soon: DIC 2.0
The DIC 2.1 has just been released..
The Dependency Search functions will make use of the BSC Cleanitol™ *)folder and files (if installed); their location can be provided during the initial set-up. By the same token, in order to make use of the Swap Options, you need to have or install BSC’s DATPacker™ utility. Both can be downloaded from the LEX.
Now available on the STEX..
The DIC - Version 2.1 out now..

After the initial installation we recommend a first run to establish the folder structure & defaults.

It would be advisable to then to use the Add Folder.. or Add File.. functions to load some downloaded ZIP archives to the DIC Download folder, so that the application has something to work with.

The DIC, like all SC4 Tools, is freeware. Send us a post-card, if you like. Support can be found at our Support Forums at SC4 Devotion, SimPeg, Simtropolis, and of course directly from us via the SC4 Tools Comment pages. The application comes with a built-in browser (basically an IE6 clone). It's primary purposes is to provide quick and simple links to all the major SimCity fan sites. It can, in a limited way (STEX only) provide Search & Find abilities and does co-operate with BSC Cleanitol™.

Please do read the included handbook carefully before using the DIC.

With the advent of DIC Version 2.0 older versions or updates for these are no longer available. DIC 2.x updates will be delivered to the DIC directly and can be activated from within the application.

*) BSC DatPacker™ and BSC Cleanitol™ are copyrighted products and as such are not in any manner or form incorporated into SC4 Tools. Their installation & manintenance is entirely up to the user.
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