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Currently available for download are the following documents & utilities (all comments, bug reports, etc., need to go to our Suggestion Box at Simtropolis, or drop us a line using the Comments Page):


Updated on
July 1, 2012

DIC 2.0The DIC will help users to bring order into the SimCity 4 custom content downloads. Re-written from scratch as a stand-alone utility, the DIC not only handles the installation procedures, such as batch-installing multiple downloads, but also the total organization of downloads, installation history, updates, and even a dependency search.

Version 2.1.x.x incorporates most of the functions previously only found in the SC4 Organizer or the SC4 Test Tool 1.1, plus a host of new features, such as folder exclusion/inclusion, folder combine or split options,download categorizing, etc.

For full details please visit the DIC 2.1 Overview.


Updated on
July 1, 2012

This update for users of Version 2.1 or later only - in form of a self-extracting EXE - needs to be downloaded and run in the DIC's application folder (usually \Program Files\eu-Contractor or \Program Files (x86)\eu-Contractor. It will replace the EXE and several DLLs, the database is not touched.

For details about this update, please see the DIC Release History.

Note to SC4 Organizer Users:

As of January 27th, 2011, the SC4 Organizer is no longer available for download. All of its features are available from the Download & Installation Catalogue (DIC).

We will of course continue to support The Organizer and will provide fixes for reported bugs. In such an event, a special update will be made available here.

Version 1.3.0

SC4 Test ToolThe SC4 Test Tool is ideal for bug-reports or analyzing your game. It can report not just on the SC4 Tools but on all your plugins as well. Version 1.3.1 includes a complete PC Hardware Scan; a performance test for Sim City 4 Deluxe; and the ability to upload test results directly to our server.

Note: This version only works with Wndows 7/Vista - it does not work with Windows XP!

SC4 Test Tool now comes with its own installer. For further details please take a look around the bookshelf.

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