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MDE, Mark II

Version 2.02
January 31, 2011

MD/CJ EditorThe new and vastly improved mayor diary/city journal offline editor; now compatible with Simtropolis 6.0, SimCity Central, and SC4 Devotion/SimPeg forums.

Includes support for online photo albums such as ImageShack and PhotoBucket, custom tables & lists, full font formatting, Flash & YouTube insertions. The included handbook is also available as a separate download from the book shelves.


Updated on
January 31, 2011

Region & City ViewerA small tool to allow user to review their regions and cities without needing to start the game. Includes a PNG-to-JPG converter for album screen captures, and a region backup utility, as well as an album viewer, and an optional region census viewer (requires sawtooth's Region Census tool, or Daeley's Regional Data mod - see Region Viewer FAQ).

The instructions for its use are found in the included read-me file; also available as a separate downloaded from the book shelves.

Version 1.07

SC4 WatcherA small, resident utility to save in-game backups of cities and region files as you play. It can either back-up a specific region, or the entire region folder prior to game start, and then create sequential back-ups of the cities within the played region.

Please read the included instructions first. You can also download separate SC4 Watcher Read-me from the book shelves.

Please remember that this is “Freeware” and an ongoing development. We offer no warranties of any kind.
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