MD Editor, Mark IIThe MD-Editor is the third spin-off from the SC4 Organizer utility, and its primary aim is to work as an off-line editing tool for forum messages, City Journals, or Mayor Diaries. It provides the same or at least similar editing functions for forums using the most common BB and HTML codes. Mark II includes support all major SimCity 4 community sites: Simtropolis, SC4 Devotion, SimPeg, and SimCity Central. Other sites may be added in future, depending on demand.

MDE, Mark II (Vers. 2.01) is a considerable update from the basic functions included in the original SC4 Organizer release. Primarily among these improvements is the included support for the latest iteration of Simtropolis 6.0, plus:

  • integrated online photo album browser (see image above);
  • live, full-screen preview panel;
  • support for Simtropolis 6.0 HTML editing;
  • insertion of Flash movies;
  • insertion of YouTube movies;
  • full font, paragraph format, font size, and font colour support;
  • custom tables custom lists and numbered lists;
  • insertion of email Addresses, FTP, URL, and named anchors;
  • complete formatting control;
  • support for BBCode (SC4 Devotion, SimPeg, SimCity Central)

Please remember that this is still a beta release: all comments, bug reports, etc., need to go to our Suggestion Box at Simtropolis). You can download MDE here, from our download page. The MDE Handbook , while included in the MDE download, is also available on this site, either as a separate download, or as a viewable PDF. Because of the added complexity (and the editor’s dependency on Microsoft’s .NET 3.5 Redistributable), this version of the MDE comes with an installer.

MDE Toolbar
MD/CJ Editor Toolbar
MD Editor, Mark II
Preview Panel
If SC4 Organizer or the Download & Installation Catalogue (DIC) is found on the target machine, the primary set-up values are taken directly from either of these applications. You only need to select the default toolbar settings (can be changed on the fly in the editor itself) and select your online photo album, if any.

You can then use the MD Editor as you would an online forum editor: click the buttons on the toolbars to insert BB-Code or HTML - depending on the chosen editor type - into the document to add images, format text, add hyperlinks, lists or tables.

The editor includes online previews, based on a simple IE6 browser clone, and direct integration of the online PhotoBucket image storage is available for those who have an account with this service. ImageShack is similarly supported. To use either, change the respective optional setting in the Preferences, then restart the editor.

Current MDE Version 2.01, updated June 7th, 2009
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