SC4 Watcher..The SC4 Tools were developed originally to create at least a semblance of organization when it came to the various necessities of playing SimCity 4 and keeping track of the ever growing number of downloads.

As we got further into the idea of custom content, the downloads soon became a steady stream, ultimately too numerous to remember which was installed where, and what was needed to keep it all working together. Files, lots, and downloads went missing; then there was the ever annoying issue of dependencies; finally, last and certainly not least were several crashes due to an errant piece of custom content. Something needed to be done!

We decided to create some tools to keep things organized and bring a smidgen of order into the content folders, now swollen to several gigbytes. Hence, some of the things these utilities do may well be highly personal in their application.

That was at the beginning of 2008; since then the stable of tools has grown to five separate apps. Some were initially mere spin-offs from the original SC4 Organizer, which still manages all the separately released SC4 Tools as the overall "supervisor". These spin-offs, however, have become full and stand-alone utilities in their own right..

As the number of downloads continues to grow and shows no sign of ever abating, features will be added, as may new and improved tools - how far is really up to you, the end user.

These days, the SC4 Tools Suite contains a lot of options not originally envisaged, such as organizing the Read-Me folders & files; managing downloads & installations; and helping with the usage of "third party" applications by other folks, like BSC DATPacker™ & BSC Cleantiol™.

Currently available for download are the following utilities:
SC4 Tools Products SC4 Organizer The SC4O is the largest and most complex of the apps. It helps keeping plugins folders clean; allows folder swapping and semi-automaic DAT-packing; provides download & installation history; folder analysis, and more.
The DIC (Download & Installation Catalogue) The biggest spin-off from the SC4O, the DIC is dedicated to keeping on top of downloads and installations.
MD/CJ Editor Specially aimed at those among us who create City Journals, tutorials, and other lengthy forum posts. It enables a user to do this off-line, complete with a Photobucket/ImageShack browser and live preview. Work both with HTML and BBCodes.
SC4 Watcher A small, resident utility that keeps a watch over your regions while you play: every time a file changes, the entire region is backed up. And al regions are backed up when you start the utility.
SC4 Test Tool This is a small application primarily aimed at allowing users to check their SC4 Tools installations and, if necessary, report any bugs they found.
Most of our utilities come with either a handbook, or at least a read-me file covering the salient points of the application. These are all available for download from the bookshelf.

Support is provided via our own Commentary pages and, of course, in the SC4 Tools Forum at the Simtropolis SimCity 4 site.

Please remember all of this is free-ware; we do not charge for it, nor do we nag you for contributions or post-cards. If you want to do something for us, then send us an idea for a feature you would like to see included.

The SC4 Tools Team, London, February 2010
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