The RCVThe Region & City Viewer works either as a stand-alone utility, or as an incorporated option of the SC4 Organizer: it scans your SimCity Region folder to list all playable regions. Clicking on a region’s name will populate the adjacent city listing. Clicking again on a city will, provided a corresponding album containing screen captures exist, expand the application to show all images found in the album as photo-album. SimCity 4's inherent PNG format can be converted to the more common JPEG format (some forums do not accept PNG's as an image format)..

If sawtooth’s Region Census is installed, and its regional data has been exported to the region's folder, the View Census button will display a spreadsheet showing the region’s details. Alternatively, a user can employ Daeley’s Regional Tracking mod - the RCV will work with either. It is also possible to Import Census Data, provided the data is in CSV (comma separated values) format, and follows the same columnar layout as either mod.

Regions can be backed up: either all regions or and individual region's folder and its cities. Backups made by the RCV can be viewed and managed by both the DIC and the SC4 Organizer.

Below is a brief overview of the RCV's main features.

Hover the cursor over some of the buttons or lists to see how the RCV works..
The RCV is available as an individual download, and is included in the SC4 Organizer download. For further details about the RCV we have provided a brief FAQ on our bookshelf.
Support for the RCV, as for all SC4 Tools, can be found by either visiting our Comment Pages, or the SC4 Tools Forum at Simtropolis.
Current RCV Version 1.3, updated on November 22nd, 2010
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