In order for the RCV to use regional census data you need either sawtooth's Regional Census, or Daeley's BSC Regional Counter. Of the two the BSC Regional Counter is easier and more up-to-date because you are prompted for either the Farm or the Population Report every time you open a city tile. Using it is as simple as installing it into your plugins folder (we suggest the root directory) and checking your RCV preferences that it has been discovered. If not, use the browse button to point to the folder where the BSC_RegionalCounter.dat is located.

Sawtooth's census requires you to actively export its data (or images). How to do that is detailed on the next page.

Specifying census locations
BSC Region Rport Prompt
In-game prompt for Daeley's BSC Regional Counter (also available from the LEX)
Once the RCV knows that the regional counter has been installed, all you have to do is to select either report the next time you open a region's city (game pop-ups must be enabled), following the prompt shown above. This will insert two new data files into the game's application folder (usually \Maxis\Apps in your Program Files folder), called BSCFileds.dat and popfile.dat. The counter updates these every time you display the report in the game.
Running Daeley's Census Reports
Viewing Regional Counter Data
When you click the Daeley Census button the first time - and provided data exists for the selected region - the population report is shown for the selected region; clicking the button again (or using the switch button below the report) will show the alternate agricultural report. If no data exists for a region, the button is greyed-out.
When you open a city tile in SimCity 4, it may take a moment until the above prompt appears. Unfortunately, you can only request one report at a time. If you have just installed the region counter, open any city in the region, request the first report, then open another city to request the alternate report. After that, you only need to request either report if you know there has been a substantial change to either the popilation or the agriculture in your region.
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