Setup comes up - but all fields are empty..?  

There are several possibilities here:

  1. You are running SC4 RV on an older OS - only XP, Vista, and Windows 7 are currently supported.
  2. You do not have sufficient rights on the PC you are using. SC4 RV, like all SC4 Tools, requires administrative rights to be setup.
  3. You are trying to run SC4 RV off a network - it will not work.
Setup comes up - but the folder locations cannot be typed in and each field starts with “<Select..”  

Use the folder browse buttons next to the respective field to select your correct folders:

  • SimCity 4 User Folder: where you keep your albums, plugins, regions, etc. Usually defaults to “C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\SimCity 4” on Vista; or to “C:\Users\<your username>\My Documents\SimCity 4” on XP.
  • Backup Folder: any folder where you want region backups to be stored.
  • Logbook Folder: where SC4 RV is going to keep its logs; see below.
Why is SC4 RV keeping logs?   Plain and simply said: if something does go wrong, you can sent us the log files - it will help determine what we need to fix. Besides that, the log also contains your successful backups. You can view it yourself, from the Help Menu.
I deleted a region/city - can I get it back?   Only if you made a backup first (or if you’ve been using SC4 Watcher with that region). Deleting from within SC4 RV is permanent - it does not use the recycle bin!
I click on a city - but no images come up   It means there either is no album for that city, or the album is empty - check the folder manually. RV’s album viewer only displays PNG files, the format used by the game. And it only uses the region's album folder as a source.
How do I get to see the Region’s Census data?  

This only works if:

  1. you have either sawtooth’ excellent Region Census tool installed, or use Daeley‘s equally brilliant Region Tracking Mod; and
  2. if you exported the region’s data to its correct region folder. Region data saved elsewhere does not count. RV would not know where to look. If you have saved it elsewhere on your hard drive, use the File > Import Census Data option.
  3. Take a look at the How-to page..

Note: to download the Region Census you need to register at SimCity Central.

During backup, the Region Viewer Window says (Not Responding) - what gives?   Actually, the RV has neither hung nor crashed: this is a Vista/Win 7 bug that happens whenever an operation takes a long time to complete - in this case it is the saving of the archive. Just let it run - a region folder of half a gigabyte takes about 2-3 minutes to complete.
SC4 RV reports a failure when backing up an entire region.   Check your log file right after the backup failed. If the explanation given there does not help, send us your log file (zipped up, please), and we’ll try to get a fix out as soon as possible.
My question is not covered in this short FAQ   Probably. But we’ve just started. Email us your question, attach any log files if necessary, and we’ll try to help you right away.
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