Final ReleaseVersion, January 12, 2010
Cleanitol Assistance: rewrote file collection routine in order to avoid possible errors when used under 64bit OS.
System: fixed bug during folder collection which turned fatal if it encountered an access rights problem (especially under Vista)
Final ReleaseVersion, May 31, 2009
Cleanitol Assistance: storing URL now uses the same format & file as the DIC’s Dependency Manager
Backup: updated ZIP library for faster backup. Backup progress now display kb/mb archived. Fixed error when existing backup archive was deleted.
Cleanup Plugins/SC4 Plugins: users can now switch between cleaning the user plugins folder and the system plugins folder without having to go back to the main panel. Additionally, the automatic rescan was eliminated. Finally, fixed some inconsistencies when moving to a selected folder or cleaning the SC4 Plugins folder.
Initial Setup/Preferences: Simplified setup option & preferences: if DIC or MD Edit is already installed, initial setup will base itself on existing registry entries.
Region Viewer: internal Region & City Viewer no longer exists: external region viewer will be used and has been included in the installation and may be used as stand-alone tool.
Region Viewer: iadded Region Census & image import function. It depends on sawtooth’s Region Viewer.exe to be installed.
Install Manager: internal installation manager will no longer be used, external (separate installation) will be used.
MD/CJ Editor: internal editor will no longer be used, external MD/CJ editor (separate installation) will be used.
Swap Options: added exclusion option for DAT-packing, exclusion will also update DIC’s swap options & vice-versa. Swap options are now identical to the DIC.
Shortcut Editor: Priority options are now only available to XP users.
System: Added toolbar & buttons for switching to the main “slave” applications (DIC, MDE, RCV, Watcher) and some functions. Corrected several display (icons, button) inconsistencies.
Final ReleaseVersion 1.5.8Friday, April 03, 2009
Swap Menu: fixed error which prevented swapping from packed state to unpacked state.
Final ReleaseVersion 1.5.7Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Initial Setup: removed dialog asking if DB should be updated – if the db is in use it will always attempt an update during the first run.
Initial Setup: setup no longer checks if Plugins_Compressed exists, only if it has been named.
Options: the option panel was disabled if game state was set to packed, thus in cases of an empty plugins folder it would not be available: fixed to be always available.
Final ReleaseVersion 1.5.6Sunday, March 29, 2009
Initial Setup: removed unnecessary optional setup parameters not yet implemented. Fixed DB-Run parameter.
Final ReleaseVersion 1.5.5Thursday, March 26, 2009
Swap Plugins: Fixed nasty bug that led to all plugins to be moved to the Has-Been-Compressed folder and deleted the Plugins_Compressed folder.
Database Usage: Fixed several instances of inadvertent references to the database tables even if the database was not in use.
Options: Preferences is now only available if the game state is unpacked.
Options Panel: Added options for the control of the database usage.
Final ReleaseVersion 1.5.3Wednesday, March 25, 2009
System: Included several error traps, especially around Win Forms instructions.
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