The new version of this utility is currently available for download.

New features include:

Complete PC Scan, giving everyone the ability to add system & machine details to the report;
SimCity 4 Performance Ratings;
Although arbitrary, these ratings give you an idea where game play could be improved;
Direct Reporting:
Submitting error reports to the support team is now merely a click away; the SC4-TT can send its reports directly to this site.
Includes a dedicated mini-browser (IE6 clone) for creating on-line bug reports complimentary to the uploaded report file.

The SC4 Test Tool is a small utility to make problem reporting easier: it can collect not only the SC4 Tools installation information, but also provide details about the PC in use, and the state and contents of the various SimCity 4 game folders.

SC4-TT Performance RatingIt does not collect any user’s private information - except for the user name assigned to the “My Documents” folder. It is strictly non-invasive, and you can tell it what to collect.

The new SC4 Test Tool also includes a performance rating system designed specifically for SimCity 4. It analyses the main components of the PC, giving each a test mark between 0 and 5 and then "awards" a total rating. Please see the SC4 Test Tool Guid for details.

After it has collected the folder set-up and the SC4 Tools registry entries, you can click the Collect Button to add whatever optional information you have selected in the Scan Options panel. Additionally, the Get PC Info button allows you to add details about your hardware and operating system. Of course, you can add any comment or information you feel necessary.

Clicking the Save Button will create a text file in the “My Documents” folder, which can be attached to emails or posts in the support forum. You can now use the View & Post button to send the report to our server, and via the Bug Report button add a comment, feature request, or error report directly from the test tool.

Because of the new features, this version of the SC4 Test Tool comes packaged as an installer. No further set-up is required, however, at least one other SC4 Tools application should be present on the target system.

For complete details, please consult the User Guide included with the download. You can also view or download this guide from out bookshelf.

Note: SC4 Test Tool may not work on 64bit OS systems..

Current release version 1.3.0, February 20th, 2010
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