Note: The SC4 Organizer has been discontinued since the DIC now incorporates ALL of the Organizer's features.
The SC4 Organizer 2.X Revisions..
This is the first major revision of how the Organizer approaches everything around SimCity 4.
While almost all functions of previous versions have been retained, the Organizer now acts as a Master Controller to other SC4 Tools:
  • Organizer ApplicationsThe installation manager from previous Organizer versions has been removed; in its place the SC4 Organizer accesses the Download & Installation Catalogue (DIC) directly. The DIC must be installed for this to work.
  • A similar principal applies to the Region & City Viewer: although packed with, and thus part of the SC4 Organizer, it also works as a standalone application and does not require the Organizer to be installed.
  • The Organizer deals with the MD/CJ Editor, Mark II, in the same manner. Available as a separate download, the Organizer recognize its presence and thus access and manages it in the same manner as the other, individually available tools.
  • All other functions, such as the Dependency Scanner, the Plugins Folder Cleanup, the Swap Options, to name a few, are still available directly from the Organizer.

Organizer Shortcuts ToolbarAnother major part of this update is the upgrade of the the built-in ZIP Library used for backups. Since we rely for this on a third-party product, we are glad to announce that the ZIP engine now works considerably faster, even at a higher compression ratio.

SC4 Organizer AdvertMost of the code that drives the SC4 Organizer has been reworked and at times completely rewritten from scratch.Some of the more important changes:

  • Cleanitol Assistance: storing URL now uses the same format & file as the DIC’s Dependency Manager;
  • Cleanup Plugins/SC4 Plugins: users can now switch between cleaning the user plugins folder and the system plugins folder without having to go back to the main panel; additionally, the automatic rescan was eliminated; finally, fixed some inconsistencies when moving to a selected folder or cleaning the SC4 Plugins folder;
  • Swap Options: added exclusion option for DAT-packing, exclusion will also update DIC’s swap options & vice-versa; swap options are now identical to the DIC;
  • Initial Setup/Preferences: Simplified setup option & preferences; if DIC or MD Edit is already installed, initial setup will base itself on existing registry entries;
  • System: Added toolbar & buttons for switching to the main “slave” applications (DIC, MDE, RCV, Watcher) and some functions; corrected several display (icons, button) inconsistencies;

London, January 31, 2011
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