The DIC (Download & Installation Catalogue) Revisions..
Of all the SC4 Tools, the DIC received the most upgrades & revisions, and with some five-thousand downloads since it first appeared in January 2009, it clearly is the most popular of our utilities. The latest update details can be found here. The current version is DIC 2.1, released January 31, 2011

Here are the most prominent features:

  • SC4 Tools Updates AdvertismentsCatalogue System:
    We added a toolbar with buttons for most primary functions to the main panel, plus two status icons: game status and Internet connectivity (the first replaces the former Game State message on top of the panel); Moreover, the statistics display now also account for possible archived downloads. The former Import option, which duplicated the Add Folder option has been replaced by Rescan Downloads (identical to the function of the same name in the Download Manager. And finally, a call-back parameter ensures smooth integration with the SC4 Organizer if the latter is installed. Like all other SC4 Tools, the DIC’s handling of ZIP archives has been vastly improved due to the new ZIP Library included.
  • Download Manager:
    We fixed the problem with displaying nested read-me or image files contained in an archive. The Run Cleanitol button procedure was adjusted so the listed Cleanitol file will be extracted first and BSC Cleanitol™ only runs – with the file name already inserted – if the respective file is correctly extracted.
    Content Panel ButtonsMore importantly, we added several Installation Buttons to the Contents Listing: this not only enables manual installation of individual SC4 files contained in an archive, but also executable installation from within downloads containing more than one installer (such as CAM downloads).
    This adds the possibility of partially installing a download’s content: users can select any number of files and install them to a selected folder in plugins; if an archive contains subfolders, these will be created automatically.
    The Unzip Button (formerly on the main toolbar) is now part of the contents management: it will prove usefull if on downloaded archive contains multiple ZIP files; the button’s action will unpack all and list them as individual downloads.
  • Search Online:
    The dedicated, built-in browser now features a direct Search Action for the STEX – enter any word or phrase and the DIC will try and find it on the STEX.
  • Swap Options:
    The Reset & Re-Pack option has been completely rewritten to take into account BSC DATPacker 2008’s automatic splitting of folders larger than 380MB; the “Exclude Folders” (from DAT-packing) process was also updated.

DIC Toolbar

In addition, several bug-fixes have been implemented, and the graphical interface has been cleaned up for a more modern look. Most importantly, the DIC is fully integrated with the SC4 Organizer and replaces the latter’s Intallation Manager completely. As a result of all these changes the DIC Handbook has received a considerable rewrite (available as a separate download).

Full revision history is available here.

The latest version of the DIC is available from our download page only

Users of previous versions may also download an update which does not require installation; however, all files in the update ZIP must be extracted to the folder where DIC has been installed.

London (UK), January 31, 2011
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