One thing missing in SimCity is an auto-save option: the SC4 Watcher tries to remedy
that. Started before the game starts, all that is needed is to select the region about
to be played: the Watcher will make an immediate backup of that region and from
that moment onwards watch the regions folder for any changes to any of its files.

When the game exits a city - saved or not - it is backed up nonetheless, creating
a time-stamped restore point. Subsequently, that city can be restored to its
former state.

Please note: there is an inherent limitation to what the SC4 Watcher can back
up, due to SimCity 4's file-locking mechanism. The instant a city tile is
opened by the player, that file is locked against any and all access attempts outside the game engine.

Subsequently, cities in progress can not be changed. If a user destructs a city during game play, the only backup available will be the one taken prior to game start.
SC4 Watcher Overview
SC4 Watcher Overview
The SC4 Watcher is particularily useful to those players who are creating or testing new custom lots, or need to check lots for faults since it provides them with the possibility to "step back in time"!.
A brief, separate read-me document is available from the bookshelf.
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